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TAPP© "the Transactional Acces Point Protocol" is a 50 year/man development
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Welcome to the GoTAPP Project Website

Powering The Transactional Internet

The GOTAPP© Consortium is a software licensing company, partnering with ITC industry leaders, legal institutions and non gov. organisations, that is the trusted supplier of the first integrated web services infrastructure package - TAPP© - that finally transforms the Internet into a Global Transactional Platform regardless of terminal's software or computing capacity.

Now, provided with TAPP© based services delivered on any digital devices in adapted portal, each user , no matter if novice or skilled, or even if he owns a PC or not, is empowered with his Personal Network Anytime, Anywhere.

Without him having to spend on hardware nor to deal with cumbersome bureaucratic computing techniques, each subscriber is enabled to seamlessly and securely save and retrieve all his stuff (document, address, email, agenda, link, what ever digitized ...) in convergence thanks to any web connected terminal.

New!Now Introducing the DNS 2.0 Architecture 

GOTAPP has specifically worked on two major issues affecting the Internet: Naming and Addressing

Having studied how the telephone network addresses these questions, we came up with a new architecture, the “DNS 2.0 initiative", a revolutionary upgrade that will change the way people use the Internet in the near future.
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