Paytap : internet server enabling m-payment and m-wallet for everyone

TAPP© "the Transactional Acces Point Protocol" is a 50 year/man development
by Online & Groupware
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TAPP© is a Eureked IT discovery stemmed from a long work on easing the pain of computing usage rather than a specification driven computer oriented ingeneered invention.
TAPP© is in no way a Software that should be sold or paid for as for itself, but a patented functional data architecture that may be deployed by licensed partners in any kind of web servers, regardless of OS, database or middleware specs.
In that extend, we know no competitors.

Yet TAPP shares its global networked world vision with MS Longhorn©, the next version of Windows© server software. Just like does TAPP© already today, Longhorn will virtually manage all user's content in a database embedded in the heart of the OS (this feature is named WINFS) on the server side.

This is a key disrupture in Longhorn as explained by Bill Gates :
" I'll give you the Longhorn philosophy : Everything is just a document, whether it be music or video or e-mail or whatever. Each will have a name and a history, and every user will have his or her favorites. If we can get this nailed so that I can find my stuff no matter what device I'm using, I think Longhorn will become a real breakthrough. Everything beyond that is extra credit". ( in Fortune magazine –07/02)