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To resolve this major problem, we cannot rely on a world divided between an advantaged minority who, such of Egyptian scribes, may read and write in digital technology and as such, may publish information and offer valuable contents to a dependant vast majority that are, at best, simple consumers or not concerned at all .

At the opposite, we now need to enable each individual with a simple and pervasive way to tap into his own digitized information and operate all his necessary transactions without having to fight with technology or cost issues.

We must help each user envisioning the Web as his Personal Network.

Exactly like most individual on earth, no matter if rich or poor, educated or not, at home or away, know to telephone as soon as they dialed once and can call out of any telephone set no matter if they own it or not providing they know the number of the person they want to call.

Thierry Breton - CEO of France Telecom–expressed a very similar vision in the mission statement for F.T., he gave at the 2nd European Telecommunications Forum Paris, in June 2003 :
" It is important, as a global actor, that we help and enable each user to set his own world of usage. The user is at the centre of his own network, of his own world. Hence he needs to be enabled to recreate his own environment anywhere. Accessibility and interoperability are, to my opinion, more essential than mobility as such. Our mission is to provide each one with an interface to his own world."