Paytap : internet server enabling m-payment and m-wallet for everyone

TAPP© "the Transactional Acces Point Protocol" is a 50 year/man development
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Demo@15 Scottsdale 2005

TAPP: User Centric Operating System in a Portal

Product Description

TAPP is a new and easy way to organize all your digital content via Web-delivered integrated services, without the hassle of software and files. TAPP is a “Google of your life,” sorting all your content – whatever the format – storing it in your personal vault and retrieving it on demand no matter what device you’re using. TAPP ends the “where is my stuff?” problem. Now your content is available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Market Opportunity

The market for consumer electronic goods is forecasted at $100B by 2010. By 2006, more than 2B will own a mobile phone – an estimated market of $300B. In a global digitized market, the consumer is a subscriber to a trusted service provider. He is placed at the center of his own world, with mobility and unique benefits from his customized services securely delivered within his personal network.

Demo Says

“There are dozens of applications that will need to run locally in order for computer users to extract real value. But the core of every day computing and communcications is prime territory for service-delivered applications. Online & Groupware has a terrific solution to make email, documents, schedules — the core of our individual computing environment — easily accessible as a service from any Web-based platform.”