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TAPP© "the Transactional Acces Point Protocol" is a 50 year/man development
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french business radio
Program : "01 business" ( 2005/02/24)
Luc Fayard Interviews Jean Marc Levy Dreyfus CEO of Online & Groupware and founder of the Gotapp project. Listen to the archive (mp3 file). more on bfm website

information radio (French equivalent of CNN)
Program : "Nouveau monde" by Jérôme Colombain ( 2005/02/28)
Presentation of TAPP: read the review here or listen to the archive (mp3 file) or real media file (realplayer needed) . more on France info website

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GOTAPP Selected for Prestigious Showcase at Innovate!Europe 2005

Pdf document Press release
Among Leading Innovators to Present
June 13-15 at Summit in Zaragoza, Spain

FISTERA Conference held in Sevilla on 16-17 June
This conference is being organized by the Institute for Prospective and Technological Studies, (IPTS) on behalf of the FISTERA network, in order to investigate options for Europe in a globalised society.
The purpose of the conference is to gather a wide range of IST experts, including innovative thinkers, policy decision makers, research managers in industry and socio-economists to debate current and coming developments that will set the trend for future IST policy and research in Europe.
Pdf document Introducing the Next Big Thing: The Transactional Internet

        - Jean-Marc LEVY-DREYFUS, Gotapp project coordinator
        - Dr. Patrick CORSI, KINNSYS

DEMO@15! February 14 2005
Pdf document Press release
"Online & Groupware Introduces TAPP, a Personal Network Architecture for Organizing and Recalling All of Your Digital Content "

(Watch the video here IE Only )

l'Informatique Professionnelle |#229|
December 2004
Pdf document French article | Pdf document English translation

Pdf document Afrique Active I # 1 I October 2004
Art #1 : "Les mutations du nouveau monde "
Art #2 : "Le numérique à la portée de tous"

Pdf document Afrique Active I # 2 I November 2004
Art #1: "Demain l’argent sera virtuel"


Pdf document |#584| March 15th 2004

Online & Groupware Introduces TAPP, a Personal Network Architecture for Organizing and Recalling All of Your Digital Content
(Press Release), Monday, February 21, 2005 (

WEB 2.0/Gotapp : services-center ou user-nombril
(Blog Release), Saturday, December 10, 2005 ( athor: