Paytap : internet server enabling m-payment and m-wallet for everyone

TAPP© "the Transactional Acces Point Protocol" is a 50 year/man development
by Online & Groupware
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Then, we no longer need to wrestle with applications, files and disks in order to manage information, because TAPP© will directly provide us with integrated web services that operates remotely our usual local operation. All documents are securely uploaded as binary objects (BLOB) after having been linked to their context and timestamp.

TAPP© portal provides the combination of 2 unique automated integrating services:

• A powerful Inserting Engine that handles all content : information, data and document - regardless of its nature at the very moment you enter it and manage to insert it appropriately into server installed TAPP© database and to bind it as metadata in TAPP© XML base.
• A powerful Retrieving Engine* that browses TAPP© database and metadata and retrieves any piece of your content on the fly regardless of its nature and uploads it onto your device.

• Why a Retrieving and not a searching Engine ?
Because You search things that you Ignore, while You retrieve things that you know

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